Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aliyah is 1.5 now!

Aliyah's been growing up so much! She's been talking up a storm, most of which only mom and dad can understand. But she'll try to repeat anything you say. She has such a beautiful and spunky personality. She is very loving, nurturing, if you get hurt, she will come over and pet you then give you a kiss. She dances anytime music is played, LOVES reading and coloring and going "outside." You tell her "outside" and she will go get you her socks and shoes. :)

Enjoy some photos! (Christmas pictures are next!)

Here's some from today!!!

Look mom, a tree!

Rainy days at Grandma & Grandpa Murray's house

She did this herself- LOVE IT!

Playing at the park after the rainy week.

Poor lil bug got Roseola, a bad rash following a fever. And at the same time she was teething not 1 tooth, but 4 teeth! and was healing from a cold! Super Bug!

Huggin' the daddy after church.

Time for sleep- she didn't even mind me flashing my camera in her face ;)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aliyah is 15 months!

"Aliyah, where is your head?"

Sorry for the super lag on this blog. Aliyah is getting big so fast and between her and wedding season, they have been keeping us pretty busy. Okay okay okay, enough about us, it's about Aliyah hehe.

She walks & runs all over the place, is really great at playing by herself so mommy & daddy can work and likes the cold. She loves outside, plants & flowers, splashing her hands and feet in water, and testing her limits. She doesn't seem to be afraid of much, she bounces back from things that should make her cry and even does some yoga moves while she's throwing a tantrum (<----pretty, stinkin cute!). She sits forward in her car seat, only takes one nap, still nurses to sleep and sleeps pretty good when she's not teething (when ISN'T she teething?! hehe). She has definitely picked out her favorites (friends and family that is) and prefers females, most guys she gives her "stink eye" to (which is pretty cute and funny). Speaking of faces, the girl has a few of them! She rolls her eyes, gives the glare, the testing her limits look, blows kisses, the look of questioning and the most beautiful smile you've ever seen! She can point to a bunch of body parts, make some animal noises and can sign more than 20 words! Though she still only says "mom mom" and "dada." She will repeat words in her own way too, which is awesome! "Whoa!" is "wooooo" for example. :)

Hmmm anything else? Yes, she LOVES dancing, especially when daddy beat boxes and I clap for her. :)

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Aliyah's 1 year Portaits

by Meg Fish Photography

Thursday, July 2, 2009